Advancing the Human Interface.

We continue to reinvent the interface for the human race. As the premier developer of human interface solutions, we enrich the user experience on notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and all kinds of digital devices. Our next-generation interfaces allow people to interact with devices in ways they never imagined would be possible.

Notebook PC

We are the reason people will never use notebooks the same way again

Large Touchscreen

  • 7300 up to 12"
  • 7440 up to 14.1"
  • 7470 up to 17"
  • Windows 8 Active Pen


  • ThinTouch™

TouchPad Family

  • TouchPad/ClickPad
  • ForcePad
  • Advanced Gestures
  • TouchSTYK/ThinSTYK
  • InterTouch
  • Near Field Communications
Fingerprint Authentication


We are the reason smartphones work smarter
Superior technology with high volume touch displays.
Innovations across the spectrum
  • Premier Performance
  • Value Touch
Display stack up portfolio of capabilities
  • Discrete, SoL, On-Cell, In-Cell
  • Best-In-Class Touch Design Tools
Fingerprint Authentication


Synaptics technology is transforming the way we use tablets


  • ClearPad Series 7 Touchscreen
  • Display and Touch Controllers
  • TCON
  • DisplayPort
Fingerprint Authentication

Keyboard Deck

  • TouchPad
  • ThinTouch Keyboard