With Windows 8, the TouchPad™ will benefit from a high-speed interface to pass data from the TouchPad to the OS and applications. Synaptics and Microsoft have co-engineered the touch experience for Windows 8 and the recommended interfaces are HID-I2C and HID-USB. USB is generally less desirable for OEM design as it is not as power friendly and consumes a versatile and valuable USB port, therefore an internal interface such as I2C is the future interface of choice. In working in cooperation with Intel and AMD, I2C is being introduced on some x86 motherboards in 2013; to provide the same high speed interface capability on the remaining majority of x86 platforms, Synaptics pioneered InterTouch v1.0 that provides high-speed interface support utilizing the existing SMBus which itself runs on a physical I2C interface. InterTouch v2.0 adds Windows 8 HID-I2C support plus support the Synaptics reflash technology and potential future image processing enhancements.

Our InterTouch utilizes a high bandwidth internal subsystem to communicate commands between the touch pad and the host processor enabling Multi-Touch “Full-Time Finger Tracking,” for a better finger gesture-based user experience. InterTouch enhances the performance of our image sensing TouchPad products, which can provide full-time tracking of ten or more fingers simultaneously. This is not possible with a lower-speed legacy PS/2 interface. InterTouch uses existing industry standard, higher-speed subsystem interfaces, which will be available to any OEM and any touch pad provider. Additional InterTouch capabilities include the following:

  • Cross Platform & Brands - - InterTouch is based on publicly available open standards and is available for implementation for all TouchPads and ClickPads.
  • Enhanced Gestures - This feature allows multi-finger gesture tracking and counting.
  • Re-flash/Re-programmability - Our InterTouch substantially increases data throughput, which provides fast re-flash times.
  • Backward compatibility with operating systems requiring legacy PS/2 support.

InterTouch is designed for full compatibility with current and future Windows platforms. It also be supported on Linux-based platforms in future releases.

Our InterTouch is designed for full compatibility with current and future Windows platforms, and we anticipate it also will be supported on Linux-based platforms in future releases.