Synaptics Gesture Suite

Our Synaptics Gesture Suite™ (SGS), provides users with an intuitive way to interact productively with their notebook computer TouchPads. SGS was developed by analyzing the most common workflows from entertainment activities, such as viewing photos and listening to music, to productivity activities, such as accessing emails and presentations. The result is an intelligent usability model that makes it intuitive for consumers to understand and discover features easily, resulting in a better user experience. SGS represents a growing portfolio of gestures available on our interface solutions. These gestures are compatible with a wide range of Microsoft Windows and Linux applications to enhance the value and productivity of notebook PCs and peripheral devices that use our TouchPads. Gestures currently in the market include Pinch, Rotate, ChiralMotion Scrolling, Two-Finger Scrolling, Three-Finger Flick, Three-Finger Down, and Four-Finger Flick.

With the new Microsoft Windows 8 modern touchpad gestures that mimic the touchscreen gesture set and is the foundation gesture capability, then the existing SGS suite is an option that the OEM or consumer can turn on. Some of the Windows 8 gestures that have been added are the left, right, top edge swipes that allow users to toggle through open applications or to initiate the charms bar. OEMs can also request complimentary custom gesture functionality to cater to the specific hardware needs of the notebook.

TouchPad gestures