Synaptics ForcePad™

A New Dimension in Capacitive Input: Pressure

The latest addition to the Synaptics TouchPad™ portfolio, ForcePad™ technology is a game-changing innovation that alters the human-machine interface by delivering a new dimension of control—pressure. ForcePad technology detects per-finger pressure, giving users an entirely new element of intuitive control. Because it’s engineered to respond to varying levels of pressure, ForcePad products enable more intuitive and precise user interactions in both operating system controls and applications including multi-touch gestures. ForcePad solutions are also very thin, and because it does not require additional buttons, it is designed for larger surface areas that are compatible with Microsoft’s larger touchpad size recommendations.

CES 2013 Design and Engineering Showcase Innovations Awardee

Revolutionary ForcePad Technology

ForcePad technology introduces an entirely new dimension of user-control while still maintaining the sleek, simple form factor of ClickPad. ForcePad solutions enable multi-finger control, with variable pressure detection in a button-free design that maximizes the gesture area. This makes it the ideal solution for a fast and fluid Windows 8 experience not available in any other touchpad on the market today.

All ForcePad products incorporate Synaptics’ deep system engineering and human factors expertise, and enable device manufacturers to deliver a consistent, high quality user experience across a wide range of products.

Synaptics is redefining the human-machine interface for every PC user who wants the ultimate in touch.


Choose from the following design options for ForcePad modules:

Product Advanced Features Touchpoints Mechanical Design Market Application
ForcePad with 4 Pressure Sensors
Series 4 Custom Design, Per finger pressure detection, 0 to 7N Dynamic Range 15 gram resolution ClickSmart™ Full Image Sensing, force reconstruction in Synaptics Gesture Suite driver 4 pressure sensors, Rigid touch surface (e.g., supports glass, mylar/PCB), Uniform click design Premium PC Notebooks
ForcePad with Image Sensed Button Activations
Series 3 Custom Design, Provides left/right button activations using pressure, 0 to 5N Dynamic Range, ClickSmart™ Full Image Sensing and Image Sensed Pressure detection in firmware Semi-rigid touch surface (supports mylar/PCB), Requires rigid bottom surface (e.g. flat metal/plastic), Uniform click design Mass market PC Notebooks

Pressing down on the ClickPad activates its internal switch to perform left, right, or middle button clicks.

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