Synaptics ClickPad™

Button-Free Design for Enhanced User Experience

The Synaptics ClickPad provides a sleek notebook interface option with no sacrifice in functionality. ClickPad technology enables all of the functionality of the TouchPad—scrolling, pointing, navigation, selection—without the need for physical buttons. The result is a clean, intuitive, capacitive-sensing input that maximizes surface area for added functions such as gesture control. What’s more, there are no moving parts to wear out, so ClickPad is not only elegant, but also durable.

Customizable to OEM Preferences and Specifications

ClickPad technology enables notebook designers to integrate up to 30% larger sensors than standard touchpads with physical buttons. A larger sensor means more surface area for gestures and scrolling—enhancing the user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Gesture Capabilities—All Synaptics TouchPads can interface with Microsoft's Precision TouchPad driver or can be powered by the industry leading Synaptics Gesture Suite™. SGS™ unleashes the power of the TouchPad by providing two-, three-, and four-finger gestures that help navigate web pages and documents, zoom and rotate images, and manipulate windows. With this comprehensive suite of gestures, users can be more efficient and productive.
  • Windows 8 Modern TouchPad Gestures—The Synaptics driver includes PinchZoom, Two-Finger Scrolling, Edge Swipes, TwistRotate, Three-Finger Flick, and Four-Finger Flick. Alternatively, Synaptics' easy-to-adopt firmware gestures also can satisfy fundamental Windows 8 gesture requirements.
  • ClickSmart™ Button Support—Driver mode support allows increased user customization of click setting.
  • Fewer Accidental Clicks—Patented Accidental Contact Mitigation (ACM) reduces accidental taps and clicks.
  • Value-Optimized Options—OEMs have access to a variety of sensor types, mechanical design choices, and driver features. These help expedite development cycles, shorten lead-times, and optimize total solution cost.
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances & HF Compliant—Our products are manufactured in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances and Halogen-free directives. Additional “green” manufacturing options are available.
  • Proven Technology—Used in over 900 million devices, advanced ClickPad functionality and gesture support make it a preferred solution for a variety of products ranging from PC notebooks to netbooks.


Choose from the following mechanical design development options for ClickPad modules: “System Module” or “Enhanced Spring-Hinge” or “Design-It-Yourself Module.”

Product Advanced Features Touchpoints Mechanical Design Market Application
ClickPad Custom Multi-Touch “System Module”
Series 3 Custom Design, ClickEQ™, ClickSmart™ Full Image Sensing ClickEQ™ uniform click design customized by Synaptics Premium PC, Notebooks
ClickPad with “Enhanced Spring-Hinge” Mechanicals
Series 2.0 Custom Design, rigid hinge structure, more responsive button activations Full Image Sensing Spring-Hinge bracket designed by Synaptics Mass market PC Notebooks
ClickPad “Design-It-Yourself” Module
Series 1.5 Design Kit for image sensing, thinnest industrial design, ClickSmart™ Full Image Sensing Hinge design, OEM/ODM implements mechanical design Mass market PC Notebooks and netbooks

Pressing down on the ClickPad activates its internal switch to perform left, right, or middle button clicks.

TouchPad Family

Synaptics has been a leading innovator in notebook interfaces, from developing the original TouchPad in 1995 to eliminating buttons in the ClickPad™. Today we continue to introduce new innovations.

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