The ClearPad™ Series 7 Family

ClearPad Series 7 touchscreen solutions are optimized to meet the advanced user input needs of Android and Windows 8.x devices with large touchscreens. ClearPad Series 7 enables OEMs to deliver the most compelling and highly differentiated products to market with the shortest development times and lowest costs.

Optimized for Tablets and Clamshell PCs

Synaptics ClearPad Series 7 deliver excellent performance and compact single-ASIC architectures for tablets, slates, convertibles / hybrid PCs, touch-driven notebooks, and e-readers.

ClearPad 7020 is designed for touch active areas up to 8.2”, and features high performance, low power operation, and a compact footprint.

ClearPad 7300, 7060 and 7040 are high performance and compact single-ASIC solutions for Android and Windows 8.x large touchscreens up to 12”. They offer high performance and small form factors in easy-to-integrate single-ASIC offerings. ClearPad 7300 family ASICs deliver extremely low power consumption and require minimal passive components—only four capacitors—to enable lighter, thinner form factors while reducing development time and integration effort.

ClearPad 7501 and 7508 are the premier single-ASIC solutions designed to meet the needs of Android and Windows 8.x tablets, convertible / hybrid PCs and clamshell PCs with touch displays up to 15.6” diagonal. The 7500 family of ASICs support premium features such as active pen and proximity sensing without adding cost to their high-performance touch sensing capabilities.

Clearpad Maximum Sensor Size Channels Package Size
7020 8.2" 48 6×6×0.6 mm
7040 8" 62 7×7×0.6 mm
7060 10.1” 70 7×7×0.6 mm
7300 12" 76 7×7×0.6 mm
7301 12" 73 6×6×0.6 mm
7501 15.6" 100 5×8.5×0.6 mm
7508 13.3" 86 5×8.5×0.6 mm

ClearPad Series 7 Features and Benefits

  • Highly Customizable
    Synaptics ClearPad solutions are highly customizable to meet the most challenging size, aspect ratio, performance, and integration requirements. Series 7 touch controllers accommodate a wide range of sensor implementations and stackups, including discrete glass and PET, On-Cell, On-Glass-Sensor, metal mesh, and shield-less designs.
  • Easy to Integrate
    Series 7 solutions are designed for simple integration, with very small discrete component requirements and minimal physical and electrical footprints. All Series 7 solutions minimize development cycles and accelerate time to market with class-leading Synaptics development tools and local technical support.
  • Accurate and Responsive
    High sensing channel counts and advanced algorithms enable more accurate and responsive touch sensing performance over the entire touchscreen surface—including the edges.
  • Low Power Requirements
    – ClearPad Series 7 is optimized for minimum power consumption to extend battery life. Efficient active, doze, and sleep modes minimize system design impact. Series 7 solutions deliver industry-leading power efficiency for large-format devices.
  • In-System Re-programmability
    In-system re-programmability enables firmware updates through the development and product lifecycle.
  • Synaptics Design and Test Tool Suite
    ClearPad Series 7 is fully compatible with Synaptics SafeSense, Design Studio™ and TestStudio™ development and test tools offering best in class design flexibility and capability. All ClearPad Series 7 products include SignalClarity™ technology for unmatched performance, noise robustness, and customizability.
  • Windows 8.x – Compliant
    The ClearPad Series 7 family meets the performance and low power requirements of Microsoft Windows 8.x and Windows RT. With full support for HID output, ClearPad 7300 and 7500 family ASICs are the clear choices for Windows 8.x devices.
  • Proven Technology
    Synaptics capacitive touch-sensing technology is used in over one billion devices, backed by an unmatched track record of getting devices to market.

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ClearPad Family

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