ClearPad Series 4

ClearPad Series 4 combines our proprietary capacitive multi-touch technology with a device’s display driver in a single-chip solution for advanced display noise management and improved capacitive sensing performance. Our display integration On-Cell and In-Cell solutions enable cost-effective, capacitive, multi-touch interfaces and thinner form factors for mobile devices.

ClearPad Series 4 is based on touch and display driver integration (TDDI), an architecture that delivers numerous system advantages over traditional discrete touch and display driver implementations. ClearPad Series 4 combines our industry-leading multi-touch technology with the display driver (DDI) in a single-chip solution that delivers improved system latency, the most advanced display noise management, and best-in-class capacitive sensing performance. Our TDDI architecture also leverages In-Cell technology, providing a cost-effective solution with a thinner form factor, improved display brightness, and lower power consumption. By eliminating the Discrete Sensor, ClearPad Series 4 reduces supply chain complexity by reducing the number of components, reducing thickness, and increasing transmission and performance.

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