ClearPad Series 4

ClearPad Series 4 combines Synaptics capacitive multi-touch and display driver technologies into a single-chip solution. It utilizes proprietary touch and display synchronization techniques for best-in-class performance, while enabling Full In-Cell and Hybrid In-Cell touchscreen displays.


ClearPad Series 4, based on Touch and Display Driver Integration (TDDI) architecture, delivers numerous benefits:

  • Best-in-class capacitive touch utilizing Synaptics advanced touch technology, including hardware and firmware components
  • Efficient supply chain management by reducing the number of components and manufacturing steps
  • Excellent display noise immunity by performing touch sensing while the display is not driven
  • Reduced system latency through close synchronization of display and touch functions
  • Bezel-less sensors for full width, edge to edge displays
  • Thin form factors and improved display brightness (or lower power) by eliminating discrete sensor patterns
  • Leverages Synaptics Design Studio 4 and Design Studio 5 to allow customers familiar with Synaptics’ industry leading tools to continue to use them for performance testing and tuning of TDDI products

ClearPad Family

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