The ClearPad™ Series 3 Family

The Synaptics ClearPad portfolio offers capacitive touchscreen input for a complete range of devices, including entry-level feature phones, high-end smartphones, large form-factor tablets, and more.

ClearPad Series 3 products are purpose-built for today’s highest performance mobile devices with up to 5” displays. Trusted by top OEMs around the world, Series 3 combines the high performance and advanced features to enable the industry’s most exciting mobile devices.

ClearPad Series 3 family delivers:

  • Highly Accurate, Responsive 10-Finger Touch
    Advanced processing algorithms and optimized touch-sensing controller hardware provide very accurate, responsive, and stable multi-finger position reporting.
  • High Performance Passive Pen
    High signal-to-noise ratio and new sensing algorithms enable advanced user input capabilities, such as point-contact stylus detection with automatic stylus/finger disambiguation.
  • Widest Range of Sensor Stackups and Design Options
    Flexible and extensible technology enables a wide range of sensor stackups and industrial design options, including Chip-on-Main-Board, Discrete Sensor, On-Glass-Sensor, In-Cell, and On-Cell implementations.
  • Design Studio™ 4 Compatible
    The Series 3 family is fully compatible with Synaptics Design Studio 4 for unmatched design flexibility and quick time-to-market.
  • Proven Technology
    Synaptics capacitive touch-sensing technology is used in over one billion devices, backed by an unmatched track record of getting devices to market.

Synaptics delivers a broad range of services that go far beyond standard chip offerings, offering deep system engineering and human factors expertise. Our services enable device manufacturers to deliver a consistent high-quality user experience across a wide range of products.

Product Channels Size
S3202 43 5×5×0.6
S3203 36 6×6×0.6
S3204 32 5×5×0.4
S3250 19 Receivers 5×5×0.4

ClearPad Series 3 technology optimizes the touch by automatically detecting the presence of skin, gloved fingers, or fingernails, giving users a seamless multi-​touch experience regardless of input methods, noted a news release from Synaptics.

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ClearPad Family

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