The ClearPad™ Series 2 Family

Button-Free Design for Enhanced User Experience

The Synaptics ClearPad portfolio offers capacitive touchscreen input for a complete range of devices, including entry-level feature phones, high-end smartphones, large form-factor tablets, and more.

ClearPad Series 2 products combine value with high performance for mobile devices with up to 5” displays. Trusted by top OEMs around the world, Series 2 includes the 2200 Family with a Traditional Bars and Stripes Sensor Pattern, and the 2100, 2300, and 2700 Single-Layer Multi-touch Family.

The Series 2 product family leverages Synaptics Design Studio 4 (DS4), Synaptics Design Studio 5 (DS5), and SafeSense. DS4 and DS5 offer the most advanced and comprehensive touch system tools in the market and accelerates the ClearPad development cycle. They empower customers to design, evaluate, and optimize the performance and touch experience, while SafeSense allows for simulation and generation of patterns for streamlining the implementation of custom ClearPad sensor solutions.

ClearPad Family

The Synaptics ClearPad™ portfolio offers the industry’s broadest and most advanced line of clear capacitive touchscreen solutions. Read More